Grapefruit Mint in My Garden

by Cynthia

Grapefruit Mint

Here is a picture I took the other day that I thought turned out pretty. It is of a pot of grapefruit mint that I have growing on my deck. I love the little bunny statue next to it. We have two rabbits and it seems we are getting a collection of bunny items in the garden. This particular one came from a garden festival I attended a few years back and it was hand casted by the lady selling it.

I also love the grapefruit mint. It has such an interesting smell. Not at all overwhelmingly minty like pepppermint is and it truely does have a citrusy smell to it. It has a nice upright growth habit and it *seems* to not spread as much as my peppermint does. That is, it does not crowd out its pot super fast like my peppermint or even spearmint do.

I am hoping to use it a little more this year in my cooking and teas.

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