More Garden Close-ups or My Deck Runneth Over

by Cynthia

All of these pretty pictures were taken from plants I have growing on my deck. I was having fun with the camera the other day and the lighting outside was so nice. I thought I would post these before I am off for a few days to celebrate the upcoming holiday. (All the images can be clicked on to be viewed full size.)

 Sedum in flower

I have forgotten the name of this little guy but I have the label somewhere.

flowering sedum

Lavender ‘Miss Katherine’

I purchased this pretty little pink lavender last year after searching and searching for it.

Lavender 'Miss Katherine'

Lavender 'Miss Katherine'

Rosa Rugosa

This monster that is growing in a half barrel is ready to put on another flush of flowers.

Rosa rugosa


I seem to have misplaced the name of this pretty little one. It is not quite as fragrant as some other dianthuses but it makes up for it in color. It really backs a punch in full bloom.


Last but not least:

Hens and Chicks (or sempervium)

I just love these little guys! They are so prolific! Just look at all of those babies. It really is such a cool plant. I’ll be sure to post a picture of them when they all start to flower, which will be soon. I have several of these in pots and they are the neatest looking things when they flower.

hens and chicks


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