Our First Tomato!

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

Our first tomato is red today! It’s not a huge beefsteak or any kind of heirloom; those are still pretty small in the veggie garden right now but it is a tomato none the less. I have been watching this little plant that I have growing in a terra cotta pot for a few days now as I knew there was going to be one turning red soon.

This little guy is called Tumbling Tom and he is a small cherry tomato that does well in containers. I am amazed at how completely covered in tomatoes he is. Tom is seriously loaded down with perfect looking tomatoes. To me it is a rather odd looking little tomato plant as it is so stunted in growth but I guess that is what makes it so great for containers. He is supposed to cascade over the sides of his container and look great in hanging baskets because of this. However, mine is certainly not cascading. No matter since he is loaded with fruit.

The only dilemma though when it comes to just one tomato being ripe is…..who gets to eat it???

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