The Mystery Night Critter Strikes Again (Help!)

by Cynthia

I have been having problems with something visiting my garden at night and leaving signs of its visit by digging small holes throughout the whole yard. I posted about it in greater detail yesterday.

I have a pair of foam like garden shoes that you can find in stores everywhere these days. I like to wear them when I go out in the morning to water and what not. When I am done outside I slip them off and place them by the sliding glass door where they will be waiting for me the next day.

This morning I opened the door and stepped out to slip my shoes on and felt a moment of utter confusion. Only one shoe was there. “Where’s the other shoe?” I thought out loud. I stood there for several minutes thoroughly baffled. Could the wind of tossed it off the deck, I wondered. It then began to sink in to me that maybe my mystery guest of the night got it. No, that can’t be right, could it?

I stepped off the deck and into the garden and sure enough there was my lost shoe laying there with chunks taken out of it. I cautiously approached it like the thing that did this was going to jump out from behind the catmint and try to stop me from recovering its new found toy.

I was shocked by the shape the shoe was in. Tiny little puncture marks were all over it. Something was really sinking its teeth into it. And tiny little sharp teeth they must be. What is doing this? I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being more than a little spooked by this. After all, whatever it is was right up on my deck by the door last night.My poor shoe

My sons, being typical boys that they are, want to camp out tonight and have a stake out. I’m not too sure after seeing my shoe. Perhaps I am over reacting a little. But seeing my shoe like that did leave an unsettled feeling in my stomach. I keep thinking about something roaming my garden while I am asleep.

I am failing to mention that last week this not so welcome guest tore the foam grip off of my watering wand and ripped it to shreds while also biting some holes into the hose during one of its late night visits. It makes me want to go get a dog.

Again, I ask if anyone has any ideas on what this may be or what to do about it please either contact me or leave a comment.

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