My Plants are Tea Drinkers

by Cynthia

My plants, especially my container grown plants, are major tea drinkers. They are unabashedly addicted to their favorite brews. I really do not mind either considering how well they perform every time I compile with their wishes. I try to limit their intake to about every other week. That is really all they need not to mention I can reasonably keep up with that demand. Anymore than twice a month is far too much tea brewing for my limited amount of time.

Several years ago I read an article in Herb Companion magazine that I found very interesting. I have kept that particular issue for many years now and have referred back to it several times. The article discusses making tea for your plants. There is something about the idea of feeding my plants with tea that I just love. Perhaps it has something to do with how much I love to make herbal teas for myself and my family. What ever it is I get a big kick out of making these teas for my plants.

The well known compost tea is discussed in this article as well as others I had never heard of. My particular favorite tea is one made with several handfuls of rabbit food (alfalfa pellets), water, and molasses. It sounded crazy to me so of course I had to try it.

To make the tea you basically mix the above mentioned ingredients together in a large bucket and let them “brew” for several days. And brew they will! My tea becomes this bubbling, foaming concoction that is no doubt alive. Whenever I water with this microbial powerhouse I swear I can hear the soil sing. And it seems to do wonders to the plants I water with it. I am certain they look bigger and happier within days of applying this tea.

Even though I still have the issue this article was featured in I was very happy to see that the Herb Companion website has made the article available online. Now I can pass that article along to my readers as well as my friends. You can go to that article by clicking on this link.

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