Simple Dinner from the Garden

by Cynthia

My summer veggies are not done pumping out produce just yet. In fact the tomatoes are finally starting to put on some ripe fruit now that we are having some warmer sunny days. These all came from one plant I am growing called Gill’s All Purpose. It is an heirloom and has a very nice rich flavor. This tomato plant keeps putting out a wide range of fruit sizes. Some are just a little bigger than a cherry tomato while others are a regular tomato size. One reason I like it is so much is because it was originally bred in 1947 by the Gill Brothers Seed Company in Portland, Oregon. It should feel right at home in my garden!

Last night I started a pot of water boiling and went out to the garden to pick some corn to have with some tomato sandwiches using the Gill’s All Purpose tomatoes I had picked earlier in the day. This corn is called Triple Play Sweet corn and I purchased it from Seeds of Change. It has done okay. I am sure a lot of its mediocre performance has to do with it growing in our new veggie bed that could use a ton more amending. They may be on the small side but they still taste very good!

I love simple dinners like this from the garden. A tomato sandwich made from nothing more than toasted bread, mayo, salt, and pepper is my all time favorite summer meal. I could eat those everyday! My husband and 14 year old son also like to steal some leaves from my nasturtiums to add some kick to their tomato sandwiches. I personally like them as simple as you can make them. We have another heirloom tomato out in the veggie garden that is about ready to give me a whole lot more tomatoes and you can bet I will be eating tomato sandwiches as much as I can while I still can!

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