Digging Out

by Cynthia

For the past week now we have been slammed with some rather nasty weather. It has been unbelievable to say the least. Where I am located in Northern Oregon it is not uncommon for us to get snow during the winter. Normal is about 4-6 inches. Well, in the past few days we have had several feet dumped on my house. It has been completely mind blowing watching the snow drift up against my house to where I can now no longer see out of my living room window which is taller than my son who stands over 5 feet 10 inches tall.

I’m afraid I will not be posting too much about my garden these next few months. Especially considering my garden is now under about 4 feet of snow! The forecast for tomorrow finally says we are to get a break from the snow but then it is suppose to return by Christmas day. So, it is looking like we may have a white Christmas for sure! We are hoping it does let up tomorrow as my husband has been trying to get home since Sunday. He is currently stuck about 30 miles away from home due to road closures. All fingers are crossed that they open the highways up tomorrow so he can get home in time for Christmas.

It has been quite a week for us! Hope everyone else is safe and cozy and ready for the holidays. I think this may be my last post until next week. I will end this post with some pictures I took today of the snow.

Below is my daughter all bundled up and ready to help shovel snow so we can find our car.


This is a picture of my son and daughter. Behind them is my neighbor’s boat which is almost entirely under a huge snow drift.


This final picture was taken hours later after we were finally able to unearth (or is it unsnow?) our car and driveway. Two kind souls with tractors were out driving up and down the road helping everyone clear their driveways. (Thank you Kevin! :) )


Happy Holidays everyone!

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