Rain is on its Way

by Cynthia


I just took the below picture about an hour ago. Can you believe that the weather forecast calls for rain this weekend. Hard to believe it can be so when I look out at that gorgeous blue. Not to mention I even have the back door open letting in some much appreciated and needed fresh air into this tiny and cooped up house!

Blue Sky with Trees

The tree in the front of the picture is in my backyard and the tree behind it is in my neighbor’s yard. I am not the greatest when it comes to identifying trees but I believe the one in my neighbors yard is a Cotton Wood. I think the tree in my yard is an Alder. Both trees were planted by Mother Nature and are thriving. We actually did not even know our tree was there until about a year and a half ago as it decided to take up residence in the blackberry bramble.

I found an interesting site while attempting to confirm my hunches on these two plants. It is a site devoted to common trees of the Pacific Northwest by Oregon State University. Below are the links to their pages on Alder and Cotton Woods.

Have a great weekend everyone and wish for no rain over here as I have some more Bittercress that must be taken care of ASAP!

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