I Finally Remembered GBBD

by Cynthia

I finally remembered that today is Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day. Every month I seem to remember after I have read everyone else’s contributions. This month I made a special note not to forget because I knew I would have something in bloom by June 15th.

I decided to post all the photos in a make shift gallery. Each photo can be clicked on to view full size.

Top, left to right:

Egyptian walking onion, Clary sage, Feverfew

The Egyptian walking onion is one of the strangest looking plants I have in the herb garden right now! My kids sure think it is cool though. I started my Clary sage from seed last year and have anxiously awaited its blooms all Spring. It has not disappointed either! I love the little Feverfew flowers. They are very sweet and almost dainty like with their lacey foliage.

Middle, left to right:

a close up of Yarrow, Yarrow, Bell pepper

I planted this Yarrow in the ground last year as I used to have it growing in a container. It has really enjoyed its new location and is just starting to come into full bloom. So pretty! I am very excited to see blooms on my bell pepper. This one is growing in a container on my deck where it can soak up all the heat and sun it wants.

Bottom, left to right:

Queen Anne’s Lace, Cosmos and Chamomile, Rosenwein salvia

I have let a few Queen Anne’s Lace come up in the herb garden this year. The flowers are so pretty and the plant does a good job at attracting beneficial insects. They are just getting ready to bloom. My Cosmos have returned and are starting to bloom in and around the patches of Chamomile. This Rosenwein salvia is growing in a container on my deck where I can enjoy its beautiful purple spikes.

It is always fun to see what everyone across the globe has blooming in and around their garden. I am happy I finally remembered to participate! Be sure to visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see even more blooms.

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