Ravelry in Review 4

by Cynthia

Wow! This past week sure flew by! I keep forgetting that it is Friday already. I almost forgot to do my next Raverly in Review post today. Here it is- a little late but better late than never!


This cute little sweater caught my eye recently. I like how form fitted it is and the deep ribbing. Plus the color happens to be a nice choice. I also like the detailing in the front.

Glengarry and Yorkshire, 2010 by Jackie Mckernan

I love how this next pattern is not your typical knitted garment. I think this tunic would look great coupled with a comfy pair of worn in jeans.

April in Berlin by Fallmasche

I have knit the Vanilla soaker from Kelly Brooker and loved how it was written and designed. I’m sure this cute little cardigan is just as well written and thorough. I love the off-center button band.

Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker

I know I keep including shawls in these Raverly in Reviews but I just can’t help it! I love a good shawl pattern. Isn’t this one just beautiful?

And So Are You by Rose Beck

Well, that’s all the patterns I have to share and review with you this week. I am still in disbelief by how quickly this past week flew on by. Here in just a few moreĀ  rapidly passing weeks Sock Summit will be upon us here in Portland. Are any of you sock knitters out there planning on attending? I know I hope to be there this year!

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