Wow, I’m running so behind schedule this week. Today was quite a busy day and I am getting this week’s Ravelry in Review post out much later than I would have liked. The weather here has been just so crazy. Today was a little warmer but my older boys and I were commenting that it really looks and feels like Fall is in the air. We were saying that even the lighting during the day makes us think Fall is rapidly approaching. It puts me in a serious knitting mood! Crazy, crazy weather this year.


Handknit dishclothes are such a nice treat. Plus they always make lovely little gifts. I crocheted a bunch around Christmas time and everyone really loved them. Here is a FREE pattern for some knitted ones. I love the texture on these.

Easy peasy dishcloths by Anna & Heidi Pickles

I think this little hoodie sweater is so cute. I would love to make one for my daughter but it might not match her style- she is over the top girly at times! I do think it would be awfully cute on my little guy though so I might just have to purchase this one and knit one for him!

Park Hoodie by Kate Oates

Ariella is a major kitty cat lover and sadly we can’t give in and get her one due to mama’s horrible allergy to them. I saw this pattern the other day and it jumped out at me because: one, it is just adorable and two, it could be a little kitty for her. In fact I could make one for her and one for Gabriel. Although Gabriel is all about doggies right now….

C is for Cat by Emily Ivey

Okay, I really like all the patterns I post on these Ravelry in Reviews but I REALLY love this next one. Oh, and to top it off it is a FREE download. Too, too cute and just in time to knit up before back to school hits us full force.

Treat Bag by Frankie Brown

Here’s another super cute FREE pattern. This one I know my girly-girl would like. It goes from size 4 to size 10 which makes me so happy as Ariella is starting to get to that size where it is harder to find knitting patterns for her. There are so many patterns out there for baby girls and not so many for young ladies. I also love the detailing on this pattern with the embroidery.

Mirabilis by Sabine Riefler


I am in disbelief that this weekend wraps up the month of July. Summer is flying by! Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Knitting!

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