Joining Ginny at Small Things for another Wednesday Yarn Along.

I wish I could share some great books to read but this summer has not been the summer of reading for me. Too much going on and not enough time (or energy for that matter!) for reading. I did however, manage to finish The Egg and I and thoroughly enjoyed it the second time around. I highly recommend it if you are needing some witty humor to go along with some chicken farming!

Last week I shared my finished Summer Dress for my daughter, Ariella. I wasted no time casting on another one! It is such a cute dress that can easily transition into fall and winter when layered with a long sleeve shirt and some leggings. This second dress is also being made with cotton. The yarn I’m using is by Knit One Crochet Too and is made of cotton remnants from the clothing industry.

Instead of starting a new book I have been browsing through my ever-growing stack of knitting magazines. I have several years worth stashed  throughout my bookshelves and closet and I love to occasionally pull them out and browse through them for inspiration. I obviously have a thing for browsing patterns don’t I?! I love when an old magazine is like new because I have forgotten I even owned it. I guess that is where a scatterbrained mind can be a good thing!

I’m always meaning to go through them and cut out the good patterns and articles and recycle the rest but I just never seem to get to it. How about yourself? Do you save your magazines or do yours get passed on or recycled?


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