by Cynthia

I suppose it was inevitable, especially when I factor in all the stress we have all been under these past few weeks. As of today 4 of the 6 members of this home are sick and that unfortunately includes me. It is one doozy of a cold so I am sorry to say that I am not going to be posting my Friday night Ravelry in Review post. I’m just too tired to pull one together for tonight and too stressed as well. Without going into too many details (as I am just not capable of it right at the moment) there has been some rather big setbacks when it comes to us purchasing our new home. We are being told today that is has something to do with the stock market troubles earlier this week. I’m trying to not completely freak out seeing that we are supposed to be out of our current home by the first of next month. Everything was going pretty smoothly and now bam! we are hit with this. I would like to ask that my kind readers keep my family in their thoughts this weekend and send us warm wishes. Now I must go rest for a bit as I am completely worn out!

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