Yarn Along: September 7

by Cynthia

Joining Ginny at Small Things for today’s Yarn Along.


I do believe I might going a little bit crazy from the heat this week. Out of nowhere we are HOT (and I am not all that happy about it either!) and very dry. There are lots of wild fires burning around us at the moment and today’s weather is not going to help. With all this heat and dryness what do I go and do last night? Why, I toss the summer-y, cotton-y, and cool-to knit-during-the-heat dress I have been working on for the past few weeks aside and pick up some wool yarn to cast on a cardigan for Ariella to wear this fall and winter. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it! A lot of it has to do with my constant eyeing of these four yarns and how beautiful I think they look together.

I just keep placing them next to each other and envisioning them in a warm little cardigan. I could no longer resist casting on something with them last night. I ended up choosing a pattern called Wonder Years by Elizabeth Smith (Ravelry notes here). So far I am really enjoying the pattern as well as the yarns. It is knitting up fast which is a nice break from how long it takes to knit a little girl’s dress!

I’m still reading The Help. Just little tidbits here and there when I can steal some minutes from packing and purging. One nice thing about moving, it forces you to go through your stuff and get a little bit more organized!

On a side note: I wanted to add a little update about a recent post. I am still very much interested in setting up a seed swap with fellow bloggers and have received some warm responses from some of you. If anyone is interested please do contact me (or leave a comment if you prefer) and if we get enough people interested then I have several ideas on how to go about setting up a swap. I think this could end up being a lot of fun!

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