Settling In

by Cynthia

It has been quite the whirlwind around here since my husband’s accident and our move to Washington. I did not mean to take a two week break from this blog, in fact I cannot believe two weeks have gone by already! I am slowly finding my feet again and am attempting to find normal once more. Life was really flipped upside down for a little bit there!

I wish I could say that the tow truck driver that hit my husband was found but unfortunately, I cannot. The police have suspended the case as well seeing that there is not much to go on– no license plate, no idea what company it was, etc. Everyone was hoping the tow truck company would turn their driver in but that does not seem to be what is going to happen. We think they probably fear a lawsuit and are brushing it under the rug. (Which makes me sick if that is the case– a man could have died!) People that work with my husband have been telling us that the tow truck company would face some serious liability for their driver so we think they are not reporting it.

Thankfully my husband is okay and as the days went by following the accident he only had to contend with a badly cut ear and lots of bruises (from his seatbelt of all things!)

As a family we are gradually adjusting and settling into our new home. What a crazy start we have had to it though! I spent about a week feeling all out of sorts following the accident. It was like my worst fears coming true. When my husband was in the Marine Corps I feared for him constantly. Now as a civilian he works a rather hazardous job. My worst fear is getting that phone call that he has been hurt. At four in the morning one day last month I received that phone call. It seemed to affect me more than it did him!

I am now starting to feel a little bit more like myself today. I have been trying to slow down some on making this house ours and focus on little things that make me happy. Everything got a bit neglected after the accident. Everything got turned topsy-turvy. I have been trying to focus on the kids and the little things that bring me personal joy.

{roving naturally dyed with brazilwood}

This week found me working on some natural dyes for the little fiber shop that has been neglected following the move.

{yarn in the dye pot}

I’m also enjoying the new plants (at least to me!) growing around our new home.

{tree leaves that are stubbornly not changing colors for fall}

{Which reminds me! Do the leaves in the picture above look like leaves from a sweet gum tree to you? I was thinking this was a sweet gum tree growing in our yard but the leaves are staying green and have not yet changed color so it has me confused!}

Gradually we are finding a new rhythm to our house. I am looking forward to the day when this really feels like home.

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