by Cynthia

The weather has been cold and snowy this weekend. Couple that with some still sick little ones and you will find me spending lots of time indoors working on various little crafts when I can steal a moment or two.

Before our move I purged so many of our unused items. I struggled when it came time to sort through my crafting supplies. I just could not bring myself to get rid of a large portion of my fabric stash. I vowed to myself that once we moved I MUST set about putting that stash to use or it would have to find its way to the donation bag.

This weekend I rummaged through my piles of used cotton sheets picking out ones that I thought complimented each other. I am now in the process of tearing them into strips and winding them into a ball of cotton fabric yarn. I intend to turn this ball of yarn into a rag rug. Perhaps for Ariella’s room? Many of the strips of fabric (like the one you see pictured above) come from her crib sheets when she was a baby.

On another note, remember my basket of rolags in the picture shown here? Well, here is the finished yarn!

I am so pleased with the results. The colors are exactly as I envisioned. Isn’t it nice when that happens?

I think it is saying it wants to be knit into a nice bulky and maybe lacey scarf. What do you think it wants to be? I’d love some suggestions!

Finally, I’m closing this post with a sneak peek pic of what I am currently working on for the shop. This particular yarn is being spun up before going into the dye pot. I’m still debating on what flower it wants to be dyed with.

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