Long Way Around

by Cynthia

Knitted pink sweater
Knitted pink sweater
Knitted pink sweater
Knitted pink sweater

{the little recipient of this sweater is still not feeling all that well after a nasty stomach bug and was not too happy to have her mama photographing her}

It took me awhile but I finally finished up Ariella’s sweater this week. A glance at my Ravelry notes shows I started it 8 months ago! Oh my, how time can slip on by! I had just a few rows of garter stitch left when I put it down weeks ago to pursue other knitting, spinning, and dyeing projects. I never meant for it to be forgotten.

I’m happy to finally finish it. It always feels so good to complete something- even if you did take the long road getting there. She requested this color and I dyed it up especially for her using my organic worsted merino yarn base. It looks super cute on her and this shade of pink just makes me think Ariella.

The pattern was simple and straight forward. LOTS of stockinette stitch but I sometimes actually enjoy that so I was happy. It is a tad bit too big which means growing room so I’m happy there too. And it is finished just in time for fall and the crisp mornings that are just around the corner.


Kina pattern

3 skeins Brambleberry Worsted by Brambleberry Yarns in Sweetness

US needles 4

Size 6

Ravelry notes found here

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