Somewhat Ridiculous

by Cynthia

Earlier today I decided to pull out all of my works in progress and take a good hard look at them. I am acquiring way too many unfinished or almost there projects for my liking these days. I intended to look at them all and see what was worth finishing and what was worth ripping out or frogging and putting the yarn towards another use. Once I had them all in a pile I suddenly felt rather embarrassed. I found myself asking, “Seriously, what is the matter with me? Do I have some sort of commitment phobia?!” Why am I getting to about the half way point on a pattern and then tossing it aside to start another pattern only to toss that one aside. Could it be a short attention span moves me from one pattern to yet another intriguing sounding pattern? I really cannot answer that tonight. Maybe I get sidetracked by life? Maybe the pattern suddenly becomes mundane? Or maybe a birthday/holiday comes up out of nowhere on me and I have to focus my attention on gift giving. Whatever the cause may be, I really do not like it and feel slightly anxious just looking at that picture. I feel obligated to complete each and everyone but honestly I don’t think I want to.

Gabriel’s new Milo vest (the pretty shade of blue yarn) is most certainly going to be finished and here soon. But I just started that one a few days ago so that does not count. Then there’s my Tea Leaves cardigan and that one too is going to be finished if only because I bought the most beautiful buttons to go with it– plus I really want to wear that cardigan before spring gets here. But see the various shades of brown yarn? That is a sweater I started for Gabriel over a year ago. It might still fit him if I were to finish it NOW. Also in that pile are 3 shawls, 1 scarf, 1 cuff to a sock, a diaper soaker that is at the grafting stage (if you have ever knitted a diaper soaker before you know what I’m talking about), and one almost complete fingerless mitt.

I was looking at each project, inspecting the yarn, debating what to do when I picked up the light pink WIP. I do not remember why I put this one down. I was really enjoying my work on it. It is going to be a very simple light weight shawl made just from the feather and fan stitch. The yarn is 100% Shetland wool that I handspun to about a sock weight. I purchased the fiber as a batt from a local farmer that raises the sheep herself. I absolutely love the yarn and am sad I put this one down. I think this one for sure is going to be picked back up and finished. As for the other works in progress? Well, Gabriel might be out of diapers before I get around to finishing that soaker! And you know what? I think I am okay with that.

So, how about you? Do you get in over your head with projects and crafts? Or do you knock them out one by one?

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