Yet another Post on Comfrey

by Cynthia

The comfrey plant I placed in the herb garden three years ago has been just amazing this year. I have already harvested it twice this year and it is once again huge and ready for one last harvest before fall settles in around us.

Notice the gigantic leaves it has!

Comfrey in the Garden

Some of the first harvest of comfrey leaves this year went towards making a liquid fertilizer. While this stuff did seem to be awesome in regards to how the plants responded to it I do not know if I will be making it again for the stench was simply awful! Enough to turn my stomach and keep everyone away for several feet! I think when it comes to homemade liquid fertilizers I will stick to my favorite alfalfa pellets and molasses brew.

The second harvest of comfrey leaves was chopped up and spread about the garden as mulch. I really liked it for this. The leaves have all since been worked into the soil and there was nothing like growing my own mulch.

For this third and final harvest (and what appears to be the biggest) I am going to use most of the leaves and stems as mulch. A few leaves and stems I will use fresh to make a comfrey salve. Some of the leaves I am going to dry for multiple uses. I want to have some dried leaves on hand for making homemade cosmetics as well as my well-loved multi herb salve. The second reason for drying the leaves will be for use in dyeing my yarns. I have used fresh comfrey leaves as a dye over the years but have yet to try them fresh. It will be nice to have the dried leaves on hand for use during the winter.

Finally, I am going to experiment a bit with the dried leaves brew a tea from them for feeding all my potted plants. I plan on just placing a handful of leaves in some boiling water and allowing it to steep overnight before I strain and use it on my too large container garden.

This really is one useful herb that I just love having on hand. Being so productive is making it all the better too!

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