The Sunflower Seed Thief

by Cynthia

A little over a week ago I noticed that some of my sunflowers are being robbed of their seeds straight from the flower head itself. I have yet to see the bandit in action until today when I happened to look out the window this morning and catch him in the act. (I apologize for the fuzzy pics. A windy day coupled with a mom trying to click some photos as fast as she can before the toddler scares the bandit away does not make for the greatest photo quality.)

Scrub Jay Eating a Sunflower Seed Head

He is obviously enjoying himself very much and invited some of his friends over to join him as I began to upload his photos. If I want to gather any of the seeds for us I suppose I better get out there soon before it is too late.

Scrub Jay Eating a Sunflower Seed Head

I happen to have two types of sunflowers growing all about the garden this year and I did not plant a single one. I have the sunflower house to thank for directly sowing some of its seeds last year. I can also thank some of our feathered friends for scattering their bird seed mix about the garden and ensuring they will have fresh seeds to munch on this fall.

Scrub Jay Eating a Sunflower Seed Head

I love the surprises a garden can bring like self-sown sunflowers and Scrub Jays robbing them in the early morning hours!

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