Current Events and Curious Garden Sights

by Cynthia

Black Eyed Susan with Cosmos

I’m still desperately trying to blog as one can probably tell by my sporadic postings! Summer is wearing on me and I am tired of the heat. I find myself looking forward to fall and the cooler temps. (Just maybe not the rain!) My garden is such a reflection of myself and it has been neglected as I have been rather weary this summer. Four kiddos and a sleepless baby can really tire a mama out! Numerous health challenges in the family have also kept me from this blog. The garden, as pathetic as it is this year, lives on thanks to my oldest son. He has kindly kept it watered and weeded while I have been busy tending to his baby brother and younger sister.  A few days ago he spotted this visitor to the garden while out giving the plants a drink.

Praying Mantis

He is much braver than me for I would never hold one of those! I appreciate their visits to the garden as they keep the plants free from pests but that is about it. I find them rather creepy really. And that one is just a baby too!

Just yesterday my patience was rewarded and my passionflower finally bloomed! I planted two of these from seed last year and have been waiting ever since to see a bloom on them. Aren’t they such wild looking flowers. Almost as wicked looking as the visitor above, don’t you agree?

Passionflower in Bloom

Next week marks the start of school so we will be as busy as ever. My daughter’s 4th birthday is rapidly approaching and I just can’t believe she is getting that big already. To think that when I started this blog she was only two! And now her baby brother calls so I must end this post until I can grab another spare second or two.

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