A Rather Mild Autumn….So Far

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

Today was so beautiful and warm out compared to the rainy weekend we just had. I was actually able to go out into the garden this afternoon in just a t-shirt- no sweater required!

I took advantage of my baby taking an unusually long nap and harvested some catnip and calendula from the herb garden. Both herbs seem to be enjoying this warm and not so wet fall we have been having. The calendula keeps pumping out huge and beautiful blooms while the catnip is getting ready to flower yet again.

Catnip and Calendula

I was able to harvest two bunches worth of the catnip that I hung up to dry. Once the leaves are nice and dry I will store them for making teas. Catnip is good to add to tea mixes for settling the stomach or helping to relax.

Catnip Hanging to Dry

I also plan to use some of the catnip leaves during the holidays when I hope to make some catnip toys for friends and relatives that have a few cats that will appreciate the homegrown, organic catnip.

The calendula flowers I gathered I will dry in the oven with just the oven light on which is still my favorite method for drying most herbs. I can never have enough dried calendula flowers on hand. It is such a useful medicinal herb. I always run out of what I grow every year.

It certainly did not feel like the second week of October out in the garden today. How is Autumn treating everyone else’s garden this week?

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