Packing Up the Gardens

by Cynthia

In the picture above, clockwise from the top: tansy (large pot), shasta daisy ‘sunny side up’, viola, passionflower, yarrow, goldenrod

This afternoon I finally got out to the garden to do some clean up and to decide once and for all what plants are coming with me when we move and what plants are staying behind. I am trying to be very disciplined with myself and not take transplants and cuttings of everything. This is not an easy task for me as I tend to get very attached to my plants. For example, I have had the same oregano plant, chives, and mint for nearly 10 years now! Some plants are easier than others to dig a bit up and take with you.

hollyhock in flower

I am willing myself to take mostly seeds and only a few transplants. I’ve gathered seeds of hollyhocks, chamomile, calendula, and some other favorites. I decided to dig up a few of my dye garden plants such as goldenrod, madder, and tansy. I just couldn’t part with them entirely.

I dug up this pretty little viola and potted it up. It was just too pretty for me to leave behind.

this sweet little viola is self-sown

Although both can get weedy when it comes to self-sowing, I still have to take some seeds from my borage and Queen Anne’s lace. I just love them too much to not grow them in the new garden.

borage in flower

It may self-sow like crazy but the bees love borage. Because of this I always plant some by my tomatoes.

Queen Anne’s lace seeds

I still need to dig up just a few more plants before the big move. I am also wanting to take some Egyptian walking onions with me as well as some of my French tarragon that has been with me through four moves.

I get excited when I think about starting over with a new garden but as I went through this garden today I could not help but feel a little bit sad. So much of one’s heart and soul go into raising a garden. It is very hard not to get extremely attached.

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