Unknown Roses in Bloom

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

Planted along the eastern side of our home are three shrub roses that are starting to hit full bloom. I have no idea what they are as there are no tags on any of them. They are very pretty though and thriving on total neglect. The roses are a deep pink color with a white center and are just covered in blooms.

Unknown rose

I can’t figure out why someone planted them there as it is an area that is hard to access due to a rather steep slope. Plus you really can’t see them unless you happen to purposely walk around to that side of the house. Because of this I always forget they are there. Consequently they never get watered or any kind of TLC. Also, they are planted right up against the house which makes me scratch my head a little. It looks as though these roses were just thrown there. And yet they continue to flourish.

Unknown rose

In fact I wouldn’t have even noticed them the other day blooming so nicely if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to chase after my daughter and that was were she ran to avoid me getting her.

They appear to have been there a while considering the size of their base. I have not looked closely enough at them to tell if they are growing on their own roots or not. I am thinking if they are I just might take some cuttings of them to place in other areas of the yard both front and back were they can actually be appreciated. 

Unknown roseWhile taking these pictures of the roses I did notice that they are getting aphids. Guess I need to follow the tip I posted about yesterday! I wasn’t kidding when I said they get forgotten!

If anyone has an idea on what they might be please let me know!

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