Garden Tip for Roses

by Cynthia

Roses love bananas but aphids don’t!

Place some banana peels around your roses to help rid them of aphids. The banana peels are also helpful for preventing them. What is even better is the potassium in the banana peels stimulates larger blooms.

Banana peel placed under rose

I found out about this interesting tip several years ago and was a little skeptical about it. After all it just doesn’t sound like it should work. I am sure this tip is no secret to gardeners that grow lots of roses but my friends, neighbors, and family think I must be nuts when they see the banana peels scattered along the base of my roses. They will stare at them for awhile and then ask why I have banana peels under my roses. I explain to them the reason and some think it is pretty interesting while others look at me like I have spending too much time in¬† the sun.

It really does seem to work. Not overnight mind you but be consistent and it does seem to help. I have placed the peels under roses that were beginning to have a pretty decent infestation of aphids and within a few days they began to disappear. I try to periodically place the peels under the roses as a preventive measure as this seems to work the best. I simply place the peels on the soil, yellow skin facing up, and then let them break down. Eventually I will work them into the soil. I continue placing more peels under the roses throughout the growing season. I also do this with my roses in containers and they are always very healthy.

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