An Alien in the Garden

by Cynthia

I was out in the garden with my camera attempting to take some pictures of what is in flower right now when I came across what appears to be a miniature alien residing in my garden.

I have always thought that the Praying Mantis looks like an alien. It really is such a strange looking insect. To me they look like the predators that they are. They look just as aggressive too.

I am happy to have found him even if he does kind of scare me. They are one of the best beneficial insects a garden can have. Their only downside is the fact that they do not discriminate over what they will consume. The praying mantis will eat anything and everything that comes in its way; meaning it will eat other beneficial insects as well as the bad guys of the garden. And do not even get me started on what the females do to their mates! It is vicious!

This is the third year I have found them at this garden so obviously they are enjoying their stay. That is just fine with me too.

To read more about the praying mantis please follow this link to Wikipedia. There you will find some great information as well as some excellent pictures of the praying mantis.

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