Ode to the Watering Can

by Cynthia

Watering cans serve more than just function to us gardeners that are equally interested in style and design. Although useful, they also create a pleasing mood when used as decoration in and around the garden.

I have always been drawn to antique watering cans. Their form is classic and calls forth a calming scene when placed in the garden. The more banged up the watering can the more appeal it has to me. What stories could this useful tool tell if given the chance? What sorts of previous owners have tenderly cared for their plants with the watering can’s sole purpose to water and give life. There is an air of timelessness to this ever reliable hand tool.

If I could afford to do so I would own a huge collection of these gardening treasures. I invite and encourage readers out there to post pictures of their watering cans in and around their gardens and leave a comment stating where the picture can be found. I will link to all that participate here at the bottom of this post.

Ode to the watering can:

  • Laurie posted a nice video about her pumpkin planter and in it you can see her watering can used as decoration.

Credits to the above photos:
1. Its in the can, 2. The Can-Can – Ooh-La-la!, 3. watering cans, 4. Untitled, 5. watering cans, 6. Watering can, 7. Watering can, 8. #8 – Watering cans – overcast, 9. Watering can, 10. watering can and forget-me-nots, 11. watering can by boston ivy, 12. Dry the cans, 13. Flowers in Watering Can
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