Odds and Ends

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

I have several pictures from my garden that really do not fit into any category for writing about so I thought I would go ahead and post them here randomly with descriptions as to what they are.

I let some spearmint go to flower this year and here is a picture of it. The honey bees seem to love it above all else this year. In fact I had not seen any until just recently.

I just love this picture! Doesn't this ballon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus) look like a sea star?

Johnny Jump Ups (Viola tricolor) are one of my all time favorite flowers. I have been deadheading them like crazy to keep them blooming.

This little skipper stayed still long enough to get his picture taken before skipping off to some flowers.

I love the color of this Rosenwein salvia (Salvia nemorosa). It is really beautiful and looks so nice next to the soft yellow blooms that are flowering close to it.

Corn in the veggie garden plus one bright blue sky equals one beautiful summer afternoon.

Finally there is this beauty. Prince John Viola (Viola cornuta) is such a lemony shade of yellow. I just love it. One packet of seed produced so many plants that there are now Prince John violas tucked in the garden where ever I could squeeze them in.

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