Every Tuesday Mrs. GreenThumb hosts Bloomin’ Tuesday and I decided I would participate for the first time today since I have a few things in the garden that look pretty right now.

Dianthus in Bloom

This Dianthus is just beautiful this week. It is loaded with blooms and buds and as the picture shows it really pops with its bright red and white color. I grew this from seed several years ago and I am sure I have the empty seed packet saved somewhere. Until I find it though I have absolutely no idea what this baby is called. I have always grown it in a container and every year it comes back looking bright and cheerful. It was blooming earlier in the summer and after it finished I gave it a nice haircut that obviously did it wonders. I need to remember this for next year!

Yarrow in Bloom

The yarrow I planted at the beginning of summer has really filled out and is putting on its second bloom. I love how the flowers start out bright pink and then fade to white. It looks very pretty with yarrow’s telltale lacey foliage.

Finally, I can’t wait to share these pictures! Remember my post awhile back on the different types of mint that I grow? In that post I discussed my Orange mint and explained how in the fall the leaves turn a beautiful bronze color. Here is a picture of the Orange mint back in early July.

Orange Mint

And here is its picture today.

Orange Mint in the Fall

Isn’t the foliage beautiful? I really love this mint. It tastes good, is easy to grow, and is gorgeous to look at. A real keeper in my book!

Please be sure to visit Ms. GreenThumb’s blog to visit all the other Bloomin’ Tuesday posts. Happy gardening!

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