Leaving Comments on Blogs

by Cynthia

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I have been contemplating the whole world of blogging again and once again decided to turn to a poll to get a better idea on what everyone’s thoughts are on what I have been thinking. I have been swamped with things needing my immediate attention anymore. So much so that is has become quite challenging keeping up with reading favorite blogs as well as maintaining my own. One thing I have found challenging is answering each and every comment left here on my blog. Lately I have been finding it very hard to blog and then when I do it is even harder to come back and respond to each and every comment like I normally do.

I started to wonder about how often do readers actually go back and read all the little comments I leave after their comments. I began to think that perhaps they might much more appreciate it if I left a comment on their blog rather answer each and every comment they have left here. Of course if a direct question is asked that is another story.

I am curious to see how everyone else feels about this and thank everyone who participates. Oh, and you can pick two choices!

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