My First Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

by Cynthia

I can’t believe I finally remembered that it is GBBD and my internet has been down for most of the day. I am quickly attempting to get this post published while I still can before the internet gremlins decide to play some more tricks on my computer again.

I have absolutely nothing in bloom right now. I do have the little baby garlic sprouts from yesterday’s blog post but that is about it. Unless, that is you stretch the meaning of the word bloom just a little and include some of the mosses that are “blooming” all over the garden right at the moment. While out photographing some items for my boutique yesterday I noticed on the deck some moss that was coming up in between the cracks and thought it looked quite interesting. Almost like a like miniature garden placed there by fairies.

Moss on Deck

Then there is my little potted boxwood that I have been training into a standard for over 4 years now. For some reason this year the soil on top of it is really getting covered in moss. I actually think it looks very pretty and I am enjoying looking out at it. It sort of reminds me of bonsai.

Boxwood Standard

Boxwood Standard

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of moss that grows on just about everything up here in Oregon. To think that I once attempted to grow my own by painting my pots with a moss and buttermilk concoction! Now I have to try to stop it from growing on everything (like the North side of our roof for instance).

Thanks to Carol for hosting GBBD every month. Please be sure to visit her blog and check out all the other great blooming day posts!

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