Our First Spring Nature Walk part 2

by Cynthia

Yesterday I began this nature walk series and today I continue with some more pictures of plants that my children and I found in bloom.

As we progressed farther along the trail we began to spot patches of red jumping out at us through all the rich forest greens that we were surrounded by. One’s eye could not help but be drawn to this beautiful site.

Ribes sanguineum

Upon closer inspection I immediately fell in love with this plant. I apologize for this post being nothing but pictures of it but I could not help but go crazy with photographing it. I’m actually having a hard time narrowing down which pictures of this plant to use today!

The plant that caught our full attention is another Pacific Northwest native. It is a Red-Flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum) and we were sure happy to stumble upon it in full bloom.

Ribes sanguineum

Ribes sanguineum

Everywhere we walked we came upon this beautiful native. As we traveled deeper down the trail the red-flowering currants grew bigger and even more beautiful.

Ribes sanguineum

We took note that they seemed larger and fuller in the sun. The ones in shade appeared to be on the scrawny side. In the shade the red color really popped out at us though.

Ribes sanguineum

After seeing these gorgeous flowers in their native habitat I so badly want to run out and purchase one for my own yard.

The final picture I have to share today portrays the nature walk of a two and a half year old. My daughter really did not have a “nature walk”. She more or less had a nature run!

Running Down the Nature Trail

I think it must of felt pretty good to get out and run down that trail because she never stopped. In fact Mommy was quite aggravating her with my picture stalling ways!

I have a few more pictures to share tomorrow when I conclude this nature walk series. And I promise it will have more than just pictures of the red-flowering currants!

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