Butterfly Bush Update

by Cynthia

Thanks to everyone that left suggestions yesterday on my dead looking butterfly bush. The rain died down this afternoon and I was able to go out and get another look at it. I took Grace’s advice from the comment she left and scratched a bit away from one of the stems. It is indeed still green in there so maybe I still have hope. To me it still appears like I am tending a bunch of 12 inch tall sticks though!

I also was able to take a quick shot of my new lilac ‘Miss Canada’.

Lilac 'Miss Canada' in bud

As the picture shows we will at least have one bloom to enjoy this year. I cannot wait till this little shrub grows up and perfumes the air. I planted it close to our deck so we might really enjoy it when we sit outside soaking up some nice spring weather.

Once again thanks to everyone and their suggestions!

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