Flipped Upside Down

by Cynthia

It certainly feels as though my life has been flipped upside down anymore. One thing after another has been happening and they all have been very trying and tiring. If you follow me on Twitter than you probably already know that last week the baby ended up with a horribly itchy rash that covered him head to toe. He still has it but I think it might be getting better. His doctor felt it was a mixture of eczema and some sort of allergic rash. Since he was 6 weeks old we have been having problems with him being sensitive to my breast milk after I have eaten things such as milk/soy protein, wheat, corn, berries, the list goes on and on. We have even tried a prescription baby formula that is ridiculously expensive and of course he refuses it and does not tolerate it all that well. After seeing a pediatric GI doctor as well as an allergist we decided to very cautiously attempt solid foods upon their recommendations. He has tried squash and bananas and we now think those are what has caused this rash. We are now being referred back to an allergist. This time one at a major children’s hospital in Portland.

This is all on top of my 16 year old’s colonoscopy as well as my 4 year old daughter’s health issues. As far as the colonoscopy goes we finally heard back on all the results on Friday. It turns out it is not Crohn’s like the doctor originally suspected but celiac disease. My son was told to start a gluten free diet and we are being referred to a dietitian and a GI doctor. He is handling the news surprisingly well. I think he is relieved to finally have an answer to all the symptoms he has been having. Right now it feels like a huge mountain to climb, going gluten free that is. We have decided the whole family is going to probably follow this diet after we have the other children tested for celiac disease. I have a feeling my daughter might have it as well now that I am learning more and more about it. I never realized how much wheat is in our everyday life until now. My head spins when I think about the change we are facing.

Below I have included some photos of food that I have blogged about here that are now no longer going to be on our menu.

Tomato Sandwich
Pasta Dinner
Fennel Rye Bread

We do love some homemade bread in this house. This is not going to be easy!

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