Gluten Free Shopping Trip

by Cynthia

Gluten Free Products

Today I braved the cold and rain with 3 children in tow and went out to my local store for some gluten free shopping. This particular store has a nice natural foods department and I thought would be a good place to try and find some gluten free items. We did manage to find quite a bit of things. I’m rather surprised by how much gluten free products are out there. However, there was one common element I noticed about all the products I did find. Their PRICE! Very, very expensive! I about fainted when I found a gluten free breakfast burrito and saw that it was $4! That is for just one burrito! If we have to rely on items like that burrito then we are in trouble. I did buy a few baking mixes and whatnot to try out. Those too, are very expensive though. I am feeding a family of 6 and convenience is nice but not practical when a baking mix costs about $5 for just a few cups worth. I am now realizing we are going to have to try to come up with our own recipes and/or mixes.

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful emails and comments in response to my post yesterday. I am so grateful to have such kind and caring readers! In one comment Clare recommended several blogs and I am going to be checking those out for ideas right now!

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