One Last Button

by Cynthia

Once again joining Ginny for this week’s Yarn Along.


I finished sewing on the final button to Ariella’s cardigan last night and just in time for today’s Yarn Along too! I love the feeling you get when you complete a project that you have put your heart into. I’m pleased with how the sweater turned out. The colors look so pretty together. The stripes gave me grief though. I have decided I do not like to switch colors every couple of  rows while working with double pointed needles! I tried to carry the yarn along to avoid lots and lots of ends to weave in but it just looked sort of wonky. It was an easy knit yet challenging all the same. Mostly because of errors on my part. For instance, I had the body finished and just completed one sleeve when I tried it on Ariella to see how the fit was coming. I should have tried it on her BEFORE binding off the bottom edge of the body as it was a good inch too short! I ended up frogging the entire ribbed bottom and adding an inch. I won’t make that mistake again!

I’m now getting ready to cast on Gabriel’s sweater. Last week I posted that I was going to knit up an Alvin sweater for him but after looking at that sweater and considering the yarn I am using, I think I am going to stick with The Wonder Years sweater (which is the pattern I just used for Ariella’s cardigan.) I don’t think this yarn would look as nice with all those garter stitch ridges. Instead I think a more solid color would show off that pattern better. Last night after the little ones were in bed I did up my gauge swatch for Gabriel’s so I hope I can get started with that today.

On the reading side of this post I sadly have nothing to share this week. It has not been a good week for reading for me. We are all finally feeling better after dealing with one nasty little cold. I did not realize how rundown I was getting myself until this cold hit last week. It hit me rather hard unfortunately. Another week has passed and we are still waiting on moving into our new home. The stress of house hunting is too much for me right now. I need this to be over soon and hopefully by next week there will be an end in sight. My husband jokingly says it is a good thing we are getting a 30 mortgage because he does not want to go through this whole process for another 30 years!

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week of fall. The weather turned on us suddenly over the weekend and it is now beginning to look more like late September. The rains returned yesterday and it has me wanting to knit everything on my to make list.  Has fall finally settled in where you live?

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