Anxiously Awaiting

by Cynthia

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for this weeks Yarn Along.


{Wow! I cannot believe a week has passed already since my last blog post! This has been quite a month already!}

Last Wednesday night I began Gabriel’s new sweater after finishing up Ariella’s cardigan just in time for the Yarn Along. She has been able to wear it a couple of times now and I think she likes it. I know I do!

I do not have too much to share when it comes to my recent reads. I wish I could find more time to read but I am sure that will not be the case for a few more weeks or at least until we are finally settled in our new home. The other day I picked up a book I have been meaning to read for quite a while now. I once read the first couple of chapters of Radical Homemakers and was completely fascinated. I cannot wait to read the whole thing.

On the knitting side of this post, Gabriel’s sweater is much easier on me, the knitter, since I do not have to contend with stripes like I did with Ariella’s. It is a nice break from all the color changes her cardigan involved. I’m enjoying the easy pace of this knit and needing it too as this has been the most stressful week yet in our pull-your-hair-out house hunt.

We are ever so slowly inching towards closing on our new home. One crazy detail after another has dragged this process out for almost two weeks passed our original closing date. I think we are going to get into our new home by the skin of our teeth. We have to be out of our current home by next week so we are really beginning to sweat some bullets. This is all almost too much for me. I can typically go with the flow pretty well in life but I am now completely pushed to my limits by how crazy this house buying event has been.

We are currently waiting to hear if we can close on Thursday or Friday and hopefully move by late this weekend or even early next week.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us and I will be sure to keep you posted. If I am not here for next week’s Yarn Along you will now why!

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