Ravelry in Review 13

by Cynthia

Today is hot, hot, hot and knitting is really the furthest thing from my mind. I am getting a little tired of the weather being this warm and am ready for knitting temperatures to return. This weekend is supposed to get even hotter. I guess summer is going out with a bang! While typing up today’s Ravelry in Review, I am going to daydream about cooler temps and sweater weather!


Another super cute pattern from Hannah Fettig! I love 3/4 sleeve cardigans and this one is extra cute with the flared bottom and detailing.

Water’s Edge Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

This next pattern caught my eye because the shawl just looks so cozy and like something I would want to curl up in with a cup of tea and a good book. It also looks like a good knit for stuffing in your knitting bag and taking with you for on the go knitting as it seems rather easy to pick up and put down. This one is definitely on my to make list– maybe even for gift giving?

Nuvem by Martina Behm

This sweet little cardigan is from another favorite designer of mine, Alana Dakos. This one is just so pretty. I really love the detailing on the sleeves and waist.

Wildflower Cardigan by Alana Dakos

The interesting lace pattern is what drew me to this next pattern. The more I look at this shawl the more I like it. Being that it is knit in worsted weight yarn, I imagine that it is going to be nice and warm.

New Moon Shawl by Anita Grahn

This next cardigan is on my to make list because of its interesting design. I like the length it has and can envision it looking great with many outfits as well as a pair of jeans. Oh, and I also happen to love the name!

Pecan Crush by Carol Feller

As I wrap up this first full week of September I find myself contemplating taking a break from my Ravelry in Review postings. We are getting closer and closer to our moving date and I am beginning to feel the time crunch. I might take a break from my habitual Ravelry browsing here soon to focus more on getting our house ready for the big moving day. I say contemplating as I have not yet made up my mind! We will see what this next week brings. Certainly though, I need to start spending more time on packing and less on the computer puttering around blogs and Ravelry.

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