Around Here

by Cynthia

I’ve been anxiously watching these bulbs emerge in my new garden. It is like a little surprise the previous owners left for us! I cannot wait to see what they end up being. I believe some are tulips and daffodils. A sure sign that Spring is indeed on its way. {Yay!}

I’ve been seeing a lot of pins and blog posts lately showing how you can grow celery from soaking the base in water. Of course I had to try this out. I do not know why I never thought of this before. After all, I am constantly starting avocado pits, sprouting beans, etc. As the photo shows it is indeed growing. I have had it in a dish of water for about two weeks now. What’s interesting though, is that it has yet to grow any roots. If and when it does I will probably pot it up in some soil. {I don’t see why you could not also do this with the cut end of lettuce. A nice way to have some fresh lettuce in a windowsill garden!}

The last few days I have been busy playing with my dye vat. I tend to go a little crazy when I do and nothing is safe from being turned into a beautiful indigo blue. The polka-dotted fabric in the photo used to be a plain white pillow case. You could not even see the polka-dots until I dyed it with the indigo! I love how the lace trim turned out.

It is so hard to believe that we are close to wrapping up February. My how this year is already flying!

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