Beneath Our Feet

by Cynthia

The past two weeks found us with some rather shaky ground beneath our feet. {And this explains my lack of time in the blogging world lately.} It has taken me a bit to find my bearings and calm down from it all. Funny how life can just take you completely by surprise, sometimes when you least expect it too.

There were four layoffs at Steve’s work as well as talk about relocating workers. I do not know how I would/could deal with any of that right at this moment. I have managed to calm myself down and am going to ride this most recent storm out as best as I can. {My anxiety tends to get the best of me a lot of times.} For the time being it appears everything is stable for Steve. My heart goes out to the families that have to deal with the recent layoffs. {We went down that road just a couple of years ago so I know how devastating it can be.}

May the ground beneath all of your feet remain exciting and fulfilling but devoid of large pot holes and pits.

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