Long time

by Cynthia

{enjoying a picnic}

{It’s hard to eat an apple when 3 of your front teeth are missing!}

It has been a long time has it not? One week turned into a month and then a month turned into several months. I certainly never intended on practically abandoning this spot for so long. Life just sort of swept me up with it. I’m always busy, busy with the kids, especially the younger two. Also, lately I have been growing busier than ever with the yarn shop. Maybe some of you know this already and maybe some of you do not seeing that I never announced it here (bad, bad, bad on my part I know!) but the yarn shop now has its own website. I will still be selling on Etsy too (at least for now). Etsy has been too good for me to pull the plug on it just yet. So, if you get the chance I would feel so grateful if you paid me a visit at Brambleberry Yarns and tell me what you think. It certainly has been a labor of love and lots of late nights spent at the computer. I’m very pleased with how far my little shop has come!

I am gearing up for another year of Homeschooling. I’m excited as this year I really think Ariella is ready to move forward with her schooling. She has made tremendous progress this summer academically and is even attempting to read. I hate to admit this but I think a lot of it has to do with her new found love of the computer. I really, really do not like my kids to be exposed to very much media (if any really!) but she has responded so well to using the computer that I have changed my views just a little. She loves to use the word processor and type letters to people and insert pictures and drawings to go with them. As she types she sounds out the words and gets a surprising amount correct. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! I really was fretting over how to teach her how to read and write. Her autism can make formal learning impossible and I have to be so creative in how to approach her. If typing on the computer is helping her to read and write then I am all for it!

So much has changed in a few months. Ariella has lost 3 (three!!!) teeth. My oldest has graduated from high school. My 13 year old is just about as tall as me (his feet are already bigger than mine). And Gabriel just talks and talks and is showing us what an amazing little person he is every day. For instance, he is quite the little animal lover and is unbelievably gentle with our rabbits- a 2 year old gentle with rabbits!

I hope to be around here more again. As many of you know, blogging can be such a hard thing to keep up with. I have not given up on this space just yet. I just got a little distracted.

Thanks for reading,


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