A Fiber Story

by Cynthia on February 2, 2013

I recently finished spinning some yarn that I really enjoyed making. For once I thought ahead and took some photos throughout the process to share with you in a blog post. I think the photos sort of tell a story of how this yarn came to be.

Before I show you the photos let me explain what I used and how I spun it. The yarn is spun with 100% corridale wool. The dark brown fiber is a natural dark brown- not dyed. The two shades of violet fibers I previously dyed with cochineal. I used my carders to blend the fibers together. I wanted them to be only slightly blended as I still wanted the violets to come through. Once I finished making the rolags I spun the fiber using the long draw method of spinning. This created a very bulky and lofty yarn that is going to be very warm and cozy.

naturally dyed corriedale fiber

carding rolags with corridale fiber

Handspun Corriedale yarn

handspun long draw yarn

handspun corriedale yarn long draw

I plan on listing this yarn in my Etsy shop as soon as I can.

Here are its details:

  • 100% corriedale
  • naturally dyed
  • handspun
  • ~6 wpi
  • super bulky weight thick & thin
  • US needle 11 & up
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