A Year *or more* in the Making

by Cynthia

About a year ago I started knitting little hexagons with my scraps of wool yarn. Not little hexipuffs for a Beekeepers Quilt mind you. (although I do adore that pattern too!) Just simple little knitted flat hexagons. I came across the hexagon pattern (it’s free by the way) quite a while ago and thought it would be really cute to make a scrappy hexagon blanket or throw using just my naturally dyed yarns.

I have since memorized the pattern months ago and average about 5 or so hexagons a week. This has added up to the pile you see in the photos. I have no idea how many I really have. Well over one hundred I am pretty sure. I started thinking the other day that it just might be time to start sewing them together and seeing how big it is going to be. I would love for it to fit my queen sized bed as a quilt but that might require a bit more hexagons!

I started to lay them out on my bed to get any idea of how to arrange them.

I just love looking at them. I also love that each and everyone is naturally dyed and I remember dyeing every single yarn that they are made with. In that respect it is sort of like a memory quilt too.

I’m hoping to start sewing them together tonight. I’m a bit worried that Gabriel might be coming down with one of the nasty bugs that are causing others to drop all around us. I certainly hope not but if he is I know what I’ll be working on if I need to sit with him for awhile.

*Edited to add: I just did up a Ravelry page for my notes. Here is the link

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