My Plants are Foaming

by Cynthia

Spittle Bug on Yarrow

I don’t exactly know why but for some reason the plants in my garden are covered in the foam that spittle bugs make. Times past I would note their appearance, point them out to the kids that swear a bug couldn’t do that, and before I would know it they would be gone for the year.

Last year a few plants showed the telltale sign of its appearance during early spring but were gone before I paid it much attention. This year however is ridiculous. They are everywhere I look this year, especially on the deck where I grow a gazillion container plants. Perhaps it has something to do with this exceptionally wet and cold weather we keep having. I can only guess.

I do know that I am getting a little tired of seeing their foam all over the plants. Spraying them off with a hard blast from the hose isn’t working much either. I tried this the other day and by morning the following day their “spit” was all over the plants again. Normally I pay no mind to them because I know their appearance is short lived. But they have hung around for so long this year and I am really tired of seeing their foam on everything.

They are especially all over my rugosa rose. ┬áThe pictures I took are not the greatest but the white blob is the spittle bug in its “spit”.

Spittle bug on Rugosa Rose

I am hoping that once the weather warms up (if it ever does- it never got over 60? F today) they will disappear for yet another year.

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Daphne Gould June 10, 2008 at 6:20 am

I find our US temps really weird this year. You in the NW are getting such low temperatures and here in the NE we are getting record heat. If only we could average them.

I guess I could be happy I have no spittle bugs yet this year :>. But my pea shoots are getting black and dying in the heat and they just started blooming.


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