Technical Difficulties

by Cynthia

I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere these past few weeks due to some really annoying (and quite maddening!) problems with my blog. I am beyond frustrated with my hosting company after multiple mistakes on their part. This is on top of the domain for this site having some problems as well. I will spare all the boring techy filled details. All I can say is that I have been near pulling my hair out for the past week now. And all for a site that is really just a hobby I enjoy!

Before I go off on a tangent I need to let my readers know that here in the next few days I am going to begin the ever so fun and exciting (more like nail biting!) task of moving this site to a new server. Just about everything is in place to do so now I just need to make the final plunge. So, if in the next few days things look a little wonky around here everyone knows why. Hopefully the transition will be nice and smooth and no one will notice a thing. {fingers crossed}

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