Things that Dig up Gardens in the Night

by Cynthia

Every morning, if I can, I like to go out to the garden and sort of patrol it. I look to see how things are growing, what is blooming or ready to bloom, what needs some TLC, and what needs some watering. For the last two weeks or so I have been getting very frustrated when I go out and perform my little morning stroll.

Not every night, but enough times to completely baffle me, I have come out to the garden to find that something has been digging. Not huge holes or anything like that, it is more like the garden is pockmarked with little holes. The pretty much finished compost pile has not been immune to this little (or big, I really don’t know) visitor either.

I am getting frustrated because for some reason it keeps digging right where I have newly placed transplants; the cantaloupe for example (really what is it with the cantaloupe this year?) I have also notice if IDug up cantaloupe spot water something that prior evening when I go out the next morning those areas have been dug in; always right by the plant too. Several transplants were completely dug up and tossed aside. Plus the compost looks like someone went crazy with turning it. I must add that the new compost pile has been immune to the critter which leads me to believe it is not at all interested in the kitchen scraps that are buried in that pile.

“What is doing this?” I keep asking myself. I am thinking it could maybe be a skunk or a raccoon? Do raccoons go after worms? I think skunks do. The reason I ask is because I am wondering if worms is what this visitor is looking for. My nearly finished compost pile is chockfull of worms at the moment and when I place new transplants in the garden I mix in some of that compost in the planting hole.

I am really starting to get at my wits end. I don’t mind furry garden visitors of the night but this is starting to go too far. It appears it has dubbed my garden a buffet for the taking.

Do any of my readers out there have any ideas what this night digger may be or how I can keep it from un-planting all of my hard work?

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Daphne Gould June 30, 2008 at 5:41 pm

I have no clue. The only things that dig in my garden are chipmunks and squirrels. (There are worse things like groundhogs in the neighborhood, but I’ve been blessed so far by not having them visit me). I can imagine them eating insects and going after the wet areas that have food like slugs and such in them and digging down. My squirrels have a love for digging holes anywhere, especially in my mulched areas.


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